Telegram is growing rapidly as a direct competitor to WhatsApp by implementing features which are not yet available in the rival app. Now with the latest update, Telegram introduces a feature which will be very much appreciated by majority of its users. Yes, we are talking about editing sent messages. The days of your “boss getting angry on you for sending him the very truthful messages while you were drunk” or your “girlfriend getting upset because you didn’t send her a kiss-emoji” is now over. See the feature in action below –


This new feature works in one-on-one conversations as well as in group conversations. It even works on the desktop client of Telegram. You just have to press the ‘UP’ button to edit the last message. In case of mobile phones, you just have to tap and hold the message you want to edit and then you have to simply press “Edit”. If you’re on the desktop client, you have to press the up arrow button to edit sent messages. Although Telegram lets you edit sent messages with this new update but there’s a catch. The edited messages will have a “edited tag” to show that they were modified.

Coming to other new features, Telegram now lets you mention anyone in the group even if they don’t have a username. Just type “@” and then you can select whom you wanna mention. Mentioning anyone will send him/her a notification even if they have muted the group. So another small but handy feature.

Also, you can now access “inline bots” right from the attachment menu. There’s now a People list in search to help you find your recently contacted persons much faster. If you have an iOS device, Telegram now remembers the particular position in any conversation if you’re switching back and forth from one chat to another.

The already feature-packed app now has even more features. No wonder the ever lethargic WhatsApp is being forced to act with some new features like video calling, text formatting and desktop apps.

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Tamonas is from West Bengal, India. He is studying BSc. in Physiology(Hons.). He loves to make common people aware about technology in the simplest of terms.