In this online age, security concerns can cause quite an apprehension not only for the enterprise users, but also for the individual users. With myriad of online services available, it sure does become difficult to sign up for each one of these with our information and it is for this that almost all apps are allowing for third party app-logins. While this might look simple at the outset, the security risk associated can snowball into a major compromise.


LogDog is an application that is based on the premise of protecting your online accounts round the clock thus providing a much required additional layer of security. The LogDog does an excellent job in safeguarding your online accounts on real time basis. The app is available on both Google Playstore and iTunes App Store.

LogDog falls into the category of Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for online accounts and it springs into action every time you use your credentials to log in. The best part is that the application automatically alerts the users if it detects suspicious activity and the best bet for the users would be to change their credentials. Now this type of an application goes a long way in preventing a hacking or phishing attack, additionally it also ensures peace of mind that the safety of your account will be its prerogative.

As of now, LogDog supports Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Evernote and has also recently introduced a feature to protect your credit cards. The application is currently free to use but to access CardProtector (the feature that protects your Credit Cards) one has to shell out $4.99 (Rs 335)/Month or $49.9 (Rs 3,353)/Year. However, if you convince three of your friends to try out LogDog, you will be rewarded with a $49.99 worth of free CardProtector plan valid for a year.

LogDog is one of the very few applications that I would personally not mind paying up for. The reason is simple – with the exponential rise in the theft of online credentials, like the one last year wherein a whopping 1.2 billion online credentials were stolen, it is worth paying up for a service that would cull the possibility of the same even to a small percentage. To think about, it is not always that we end up in a car accident but despite the remote possibility we usually go for cars equipped with safety features like Airbags, ABS, Traction control etc. If you are one in a few hundred Million of Internet users who are worried about online credential theft maybe it’s time for you to give LogDog a spin.

Source: LogDog

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