Apple CEO, Tim Cook is expected to visit India this week and meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Tim Cook’s India visit comes at a time when Apple’s iPhone sales slipped for the first time and the company is trying to strengthen its foothold in the Indian market. With a share just nearing 2%, Apple has been trying to attract first time iPhone buyers in India, the brief price slash and the corporate leasing offers were part of this efforts.


Tim Cook was recently in China wherein the company invested $1 Billion in the famous Chinese cab hailing service, Didi Chuxing. Ironically, this will also be Cook’s first visit to India after being named as the head of Technology for Apple. The visit is not yet officiated but Livemint sources have revealed Tim Cook’s plan to visit India.

On the brighter side, Apple has been seeing a surge of sales in India despite the 2% market share. The spike in sale can be attributed to the discounted iPhone 5s and older models. It is no secret that Apple has been trying to pitch in its products aggressively for the Indian market and after its plans to sell refurbished iPhones hit a roadblock, it has become desperate to make its mark. Apple has also been trying to circumvent the FDI rule in order to setup its own retail stores in India.

It won’t be surprising if Tim Cook announces an investment in an Indian company, but again it’s just a wild guess. Cook might also be officiating the new technology development center in Hyderabad, plans for which were confirmed few months back. Apple has been rivaled in India by the low cost smartphones which sell at much cheaper price with almost the same set of features. Although iPhone scores on user experience, the high entry price is currently becoming a barrier for most Indian buyers. The outcome of this probable meeting is something that would be intresting, especially after considering Apple’s plans to ramp up its presence in India.

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