Last time around twitter had introduced a feature which allowed people to quote tweet so that one could re tweet and still get some characters to tweet about the same. The rumor mills were speculating that Twitter would completely do away with the 140-character limit but it turns out that the character limit has only been relaxed as of now.


The change comes in the form of reckoning the characters in a tweet, Twitter will no longer count photos and links as characters thus eventually allowing Tweets to have more characters. As of now links take up 23 characters despite shortening the same. We knew that Twitter was looking out for new ways to display the text and they were also planning to revamp the Direct Message (DM) feature.

Twitter’s 140-character limit was justified when the service debuted way back in 2006, a time when SMS were in vogue. With the passage of time the 140-character limit shaped up as a well-accepted nuance with the micro-blogging site and eventually became one of the USP. The character limit had however forced people to tweet in a series with serial number for each of them (commonly referred to as Tweet storms), some of them even tweet screenshot of text in it.

Twitter has always had its fair share of issues, first being that it never appealed to the Internet users like how Facebook did. This is quite understandable since the service started out as a destination to find interesting things and slowly shaped up as a powerful tool to broadcast. That being said, the DM experience, List experience, search and trending experience need to evolve into something more intuitive and more efficient. The algorithmic timeline feed was one such amends brought into force by Twitter but that alone cannot bear the burden of improving the customer experience.

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