As technology progresses, companies are looking for newer ways to penetrate the consumer technology industry. One of such growing markets is a voice-activated device that resides in your living room and can answer general questions you don’t have time to search. Also in most cases, it can play music. Amazon Echo that comes bundled with a personal assistant called “Alexa” has been able to set a respectable image with a bunch of products, however, until now the e-commerce giant wasn’t facing any stiff competition.


According to a new report, Google is jumping on this bandwagon and will be showcasing a device titled “Google Home” at their annual developer conference in San Francisco later today. While the details are currently concealed, we’re quite sure it will function just as one would expect. Packed with their much trusted “Google Now” virtual agent, it will be able to take commands hands-free and may or may not disguise as a Bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, it won’t be available in stores before this fall which basically tells us that Google needed customers to acknowledge this option before proceeding.

Google Home will be competing directly with Amazon Echo which if analytics stand true, has sales numbers over three Million. Although, the former has a better voice assistant and a superior history in consumer tech. It’s also unclear as of now whether Google will initially opt for an open source platform which would be definitely the right way to go. Given they’re introducing this at a developer conference, third party support is kind of obvious.

Amazon recently upgraded Echo’s software with better third party integration, it now has capabilities to call a cab from Uber, order a pizza from Domino’s and much more. There are going to be a ton of exciting announcements at Google I/O including a vast walkthrough of Android’s next version “N”, possibly a redefined Chrome OS with Play store support, a hefty focus on Virtual reality and more. Stay tuned.

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