Kickstarter projects have never ceased to amaze me, most of them are innovative and stretch the technological barriers even further. Home automation is something that most of us are looking forward to since it would allow us to be in better control of the things and turn lifeless objects into smart things. Knocki is one such product that can convert any of the surface in your house into a small control pad. The sensor can be programmed to understand ten different patterns of knocking and can transmit the same to the devices.



Knocki will let you pre-set the simple gestures which can be activated by the companion app on the phone. For instance, let’s say you forgot where you kept your phone, just tap twice on the table and Voila! The phone will start ringing. Another use case would be sending a text message when someone knocks at your door. Knocki will also let you to control the room temperature with Nest and also control the lighting’s by interfacing with Philips Hue.

The device will also help you setup some basic security functions and in case your home is fitted with a smart lock you will also be able to enter your home with an access key. With the spike in the number of interconnected devices the Knocki acts like a control hub for the same without the actual need to do anything other than knocking gestures.

The sensor is a spherical shaped box that looks more like a small Bluetooth speaker. Further the sensor is also aesthetically appealing thus ensuring that it blends into the surrounding’s. Again coming back to the use cases, all you need to do is stretch your imagination, with Knocki you will be notified about door knocks, toggle fan switch, set it to order a pizza or even an Uber and also use it to control the other electrical appliances.

What I liked the most is the fact that the Sensor can also be slapped under the table, just in case you want to show them the magic your knuckles are capable of! It is but natural that the knocks might sometime be random and not intended to trigger any action, Knocki also comes with a feature that would let it distinguish between deliberate taps and the non-deliberate ones. Since the sensor work on actual taps and not the sounds multiple taps can be registered simultaneously.

The device comes with an adhesive that is removable and can be glued to any surface without actually damaging the surface. As of now Knocki supports most of the smart home automation device inclusive of Wemo, Philips Hue, Samsung Smarthings, Nest Cam, D-Link smart plug and services like Facebook, Spotify, SMS and Twitter.



If you want to turn the ordinary surfaces of your wall into a gesture pad all you need to do is backup the project on KickStarter (starting from $69/Sensor) and hopefully at the end of this year you can knock your way to remote access!

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