Pebble watch has been around for quite a while and it has been often lauded for the seamless integration it offers with most of the other third party apps. However, along with the support for apps we also have some interesting accessory for Pebble watches, the latest of which is the Powerstrap Pal. Although GPS in smartphone comes as a blessing it does drain the battery at a faster rate. Pal is a standalone GPS strap that can be strapped to the Pebble watch and it not only tracks the wearers speed, distance, elevation and route for up to 24-hours but also extends the Pebble’s battery life by up to seven days.


Pal makes use of Qualcomm SiRF GPS that helps you conserve the smartphone battery life and also use it as a battery backup device for the Pebble watch. PAL tracks the various aspects of the journey and the data recorded can later be accessed from the companion app, this also rules out the need for continuous pairing with the smartphone.

On the app PAL makes use of the GPS data and shows it on Google Map and also provides information about the additional parameters like user’s pace, speed, lap time, altitude and will also let the users preset the targets. Additionally, users will also be able to peg their current stats against the ones before that and also lets you compare with your friends on the social media. The Strap needs you to sign up for a dedicated account and it is here where all your data will be maintained.

The Powerstrap Pal comes with a 250mAh battery that can be used for extra backup. In essence Pal is a standalone GPS device that pairs with your pebble, stores the data for 24-hours and will also act as a power backup device for the watch. With this strap Pebble will get the much needed fitness measuring features without the need to purchase any separate device.

The Powerstrap Pal is on KickStarter and you can get one by backing up the project, pledges start from $65 along with other rewards for early backers. The Pal is currently available only for Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel models. In case you just got your Pebble watch and want to add the dash of extra fitness features including a standalone GPS that won’t drain your smartphone battery, Pal seems to do just that.

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