More than a decade ago, Motorola created waves with its Moto Razr, a phone that was initially marketed for the fashion conscious. Motorola sold more than 130 million units of the Razr in its lifespan of nearly four years. The Razr was succeeded with Razr 2 which was a 3G enabled phone with dual display. Fast forward to 2016, Lenovo has seemingly teased the upcoming new Moto Razr series which is speculated to be launched during the Lenovo Tech World in San Francisco.

When it comes to the Moto Razr, I can’t help but keep harping about it, one of the best phones in the pre-iPhone era, the Razr redefined the segment. Aligning with its name, the Moto Razr was razor thin and was one of the sleekest clam shell phone we have ever witnessed. And guess what? It sold more than 100 million units back then!

The teaser starts off showing all students in a college using Moto Razr and ends up with a “TTYL” tag, this further reminds us of the days wherein SMS was the in thing and so were the crazy slangs. 2016 might very well be the year of comeback with Nokia and Moto Razr. The Lenovo Tech World event will showcase devices from both Lenovo and Motorola. It is still not clear on what Motorola wants to imply with this teaser, but if it is indeed unveiling a revamped Razr series, the name itself will be powerful enough to draw the people like a magnet.

Clam shell Android phone anyone?

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