In February this year Amazon had made amends to its policy that clearly stated it will stop offering refunds for mobile phones and instead only commit to the 10-day replacement policy. This time around, Amazon India has brought into force yet another major amends to its returns policy which says that it will no more entertain refund for all electronic items.


An excerpt from Amazon’s Policy page says “All Tablets, desktops, monitors, cameras and camera lenses that are fulfilled and purchased on or after 11th of May 2016 are eligible for replacement only policy and will no longer be eligible for refunds, If you have received a defective or a damaged product, you will be eligible for a free replacement.”

While some of the items are still covered in the refund policy it is mostly the consumer electronics and gadgets that have been excluded from the refund policy. We might argue that this change in the policy is not exactly a consumer centric move but on the contrary we also need to understand that this is how brick and mortar electronic stores in India have been working from many decades. Most of the retail stores will not even entertain the possibility of free replacement and instead will redirect the customers to the service centers.

It is quite possible that Amazon enough of it after dealing with sabotaged products, used products and deliberate pranking, not to mention the costs involved in logistics and repacking. Likewise, even Flipkart has been toning down its refund policies and now is instead focusing on the buyer guarantee, wherein a product will be replaced if found to be damaged or defective. Flipkart also mentions that Refund will be done only in rare cases wherein it is not able to come up with the replacement in the stipulated time frame.

A word of caution, whenever you are buying electronics or as a matter of fact any products online make it a point to check the sellers refund/replacement policies as each and every seller can have their own policies.

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