Nextbit Robin has been making waves for being one of the first cloud centric smartphone and true to its image it does offer some cool features. Nextbit has today launched the Robin in the Indian market and it comes with a sticker price of Rs 19,999. That being said, the Nextbit Robin’s journey from being a KickStarter project to a mass produced phone is indeed impressive.



The Nextbit Robin is powered by a Snapdragon 808 alongside 3GB of RAM. It comes equipped with a 5.2-inch FHD display. On the imaging front the phone offers 13-Megapixel primary sensor and 5-Megapixel secondary sensor. Overshadowing all the other features is the Robin’s cloud storage, unlike other phone manufacturers Nextbit has not just tossed in a free cloud storage space but instead deeply integrated the same and the results are impressive.


Nextbit Robin runs on a Marshmallow based custom software that picks up apps that have not been used in the recent past and backs them up on the cloud. We are talking about the closely knit 100GB of cloud space that is bundled with the 32GB on board storage. What Robin does is that it not only backs up the apps on the cloud but also retrieves it on demand. All the while a ghost icon of the app still remains on the screen and whilst backing up the stuff on your cloud a bunch of LED lights blink. The Robin also comes with a fingerprint sensor baked right into the home button.

The Robin is equipped with the usual set of connectivity features including 4G LTE support, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and is backed by a 2,680mAh battery pack along with quick charging support. Yet another useful feature is the ‘Pass’ options that lets you save the game in the current state and continue from the exact point where you left from in another device.

In case you don’t want certain apps to be archived just pin them to the home screen. The best part is that Nextbit won’t be charging for the extra cloud space even if users go beyond the 100GB ceiling, thus eventually making it a phone with unlimited storage.

If you are the one that always fiddles around with the phone, Nextbit has unlocked the bootloader allowing users to flash it with custom operating system. At Rs 19,999. Robin seems to be a healthy value for money proposition. Check out our in depth review of Nextbit Robin, it might come in handy.


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