Charging woes have been the curse of smartphones, while some of the companies are trying to get around the problem by incorporating a larger battery, some are finding ways to charge the batteries faster. MediaTek is one such company that has been improvising its Pump Express charging system regularly. With the Pump Express 3.0 the company claims that it would charge 70% of the phone battery in just 20 minutes. However, this feature will only make it by the end of the year and will be bundled with the MediaTek Helio P20.



The claim to fame for the Taiwanese chip maker comes from the fact that they are actually bypassing the entire circuitry and charging the battery directly. This as per the company claims will reduce the heating during charging and should also keep the device relatively safe. Called the Direct Charge, this feature is also expected to safeguard your phones motherboard from current irregularities.

As one might have observed, in the recent past most of the phones are coming with fast charging technology and while some of them prescribe to Qualcomm Quick Charge or the MediaTek Pump Express, many of the company like Oppo have their own fast charging technology. In fact Oppo’s claims that the VOOC charging can completely charge its phone in just 15-minutes while Qualcomm QuickCharge claims a 80-percent charge in 35-minutes. All said and done, the theoretical time taken to charge will differ when it comes to actual usage but the fact that the fast charging technology is rapidly evolving comes as a sigh of relief.

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