The boom in app ecosystem combined with the steep rise in smartphone users has left most of us with one dreaded problem, insufficient memory. Memory woes are not just restricted to entry level smartphones but also to the high end ones since most of us suck at managing the storage on our phone. Google has decided to take the lead and has introduced a new feature for Google Play Store which will help users manage their storage in a much better way.



No we are not talking about yet another app to do so but instead it’s the new feature from Google Play Store that reminds users of the least used apps along with an optional prompt to uninstall the same. Next time you are trying to install an app when your storage is low a pop-up will be displayed and the user can select the unnecessary apps and uninstall the same.


It is good to see Google bringing out such nifty features which are super useful for smartphone users, in the future we also hope that Google will deeply integrate the G Drive for the Android phones and allow us to install the apps on the cloud, something that NextBit Robin already does. It also goes without saying that the new Instant App feature from Google might be the foundation for allowing users to install the apps on cloud. If this materializes in the future, we won’t be having people cribbing over the non-expandable memory.

Furthermore, one can also try to leverage the cloud storage to move their stuff. For instance, I have been using Google Photos with the auto backup turned on and I keep on deleting the photos from my phone at regular intervals. Whenever I want to have a look at the photos backed up on the cloud the device downloads it in a temporary folder.

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