Vivaldi browser was created with the main intention of equipping power users with a browser that offers the highest level of customization and also scores on the features front. Vivaldi shifted to beta a couple of months ago and now the browser is picking up a major update every six weeks. Today, Vivaldi has announced the version 1.2 of the browser and this update brings to the table a handful of new features.


Browser is something that has already been in use since long and most of the features that one needs has been bought into play, however folks at Vivaldi still feel that most of the browsers are still not user centric and they want to address the apparent shortcoming with Vivaldi. In 1.2 avatar the Vivaldi offers a new feature called “Make Your Own Mouse Gestures.”


While it is a fact that most of us have been using gestures on our trackpad it is very little we can do to tailor the gestures for our need. The Make Your Own Mouse Gestures will allow the users to trace in a new gesture and assign it for a particular command. So essentially what it means is that you as a user can predefine the gestures for the shortcuts you need the most, simple yet clever.

Vivaldi has also brought in some amends on the Tab management front. In 1.2 the browser lets users stack up the tabs in different ways, for instance one could simply select two tabs and tile them up. Additionally, users will also be able to select and bookmark multiple tabs. The browser now also includes a feature which will let you hibernate selected tabs in order to ease out the burden on the machine and eventually achieve better performance.

Accessibility is yet another front that has been worked up on by Vivaldi, now users will be able to zoom up to 500% and also 20% of the original web page size. Furthermore, one can also setup a custom zoom range for each tabs. The 1.2 version of the browser also comes baked in with more shortcuts, refreshed design and additional language pack support. Vivaldi browser is one of the few browser that lets users manage their web preference on a micro-level, with the 1.2 they just seem to have taken this a notch higher. In the meanwhile if you intend to take the Vivaldi 1.2 for a spin, here is the link to download the same.

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