Humans have been leveraging the machines from quite some time, be it the industrial robots or the domestic ones they have been making life easier. Interconnected things have been shaping up the tech scene and as a result we have recently witnessed robots like Asus ZenBo, which does some amazing stuff. Today lets talk about Photon, a Robot that is aimed at helping your child negate through the world of technology.


Just like how Jenga was considered to hone the child’s creative skills, the Photon does the same albeit in a more sophisticated and intuitive manner. The Photon is up on Kickstarter and the company claims that it grows with the child, in simpler terms the Photon teaches the child by letting it to experiment with different things. Furthermore, the robot also helps chisel the child’s logical thinking with intuitive activities.

The robot keeps on unlocking new abilities including senses and functionalities. Children can unlock the capabilities by completing a quest. The carrot at the end of the stick is the points that the owner gets after every quest, it is these points that can be used to unlock new capabilities and sensors. Moreover, Photon also learns from the Child’s preferences and shapes up its entire behaviour accordingly, thus in a way every Photon is unique, just like its owner.

Programming for Children will be facilitated through a smartphone or a tablet via visual block language which in turn draws inspiration from Scratch and Blockly. The program has been tweaked for the kids and as a result the unnecessary complicated functions have been completely truncated. The updates can be as follows, faster manoeuvring, unlocking vision module and teach Photon to react to sounds.


Bottomline, Photon seems to be just the right thing that can aid in better overall development the very fact that the kids get to fiddle with the robot is something that will go a long way in developing the inquisitiveness. Just imagine the multitude of use cases that can be associated with robots like Photon, they can also be used in developing countries are far flung places to help the Children learn from the Photon. If you want to buy one for your child or gift a Photon robot to someone better start backing it up on Kickstarter with the pledge starting from $149.

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