Microsoft has stepped out of its comfort zone from quite some time and as a result it has also developed a platform agnostic approach. Microsoft has been investing efforts to bring in new apps for Android and iOS, a move that has disgruntled more than a handful of Windows Phone users. On a related note the Microsoft Office line-up now has a new offering called Microsoft Planner. The team collaboration software is expected to help you organise, assign tasks, share files, comment on tasks and track bug records. The Microsoft Planner is expected to go at loggerheads with Atlassian’s JIRA core and other lighter alternatives like Asana and Trello.


Just like most of the other collaborative applications, Planner makes use of board approach. It essentially lets people assign tasks by pinning the cards which will contain the due date and condensed details about the task assigned. Additionally, one can also attach pictures and this would allow the assignee to view the entire task without opening up the card.

Prioritisation is yet another important aspect that comes into play in collaborative tool, while Asana lets you set a deadline to each task it is not so great when it comes to colour coding. Microsoft Planner lets one create a column of related tasks called as “Buckets” which can in turn be color coded alongside the prioritisation tag. Yet another mention worthy aspect of the Planner is the way the dashboard has been designed. Called the “Hub” it lets all the users track task progress, deadlines, attachments and set filter to see one’s own tasks.

The upside of the Microsoft Planner, like most of the other Microsoft products is the deep integration with the Office products. The conversations and the tasks from the Planner can be accessed from Outlook 2016 and the other Outlook Mobile apps. In a nutshell the Planner seems to be a bold move from Microsoft to strengthen its Office suite.

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