Uber has managed to attain success in most of the markets they’ve established their business. Primarily because of the better service and price, users have comparatively leaned onto Uber whenever they need to book a cab. However, one substantial feature that they haven’t implemented is scheduling rides beforehand. Today, fortunately, Uber is introducing “Scheduled Rides” that will allow customers to plan a pickup in advance for a specific date and time.


Currently limited to business users residing in Seattle, the new Scheduled rides feature will permit passengers to book a cab 30 minutes to 30 days in advance. The process alike every other application has been kept minimal here, to arrange a ride for a particular time, users will have to select UberX followed by the “Schedule a ride” option. This will redirect you to separate page where fields for pickup data, destination and location will be available. That’s it, Uber will remind you 24 hours and 30 minutes before the time in case you want to modify or cancel. Uber is as of now, providing access only to Business profiles which will be eventually making its way to the general user. This will definitely come in handy when you want a ride at inconvenient times like catching a 4AM flight. To get an early access to this, head over to Uber’s registration page. The following GIF sums up the new addition perfectly.


Uber has significantly managed to drive in users with attractive pricing models and a much more reliable experience when compared to fellow competitors. Additionally, they’ve introduced region-specific costs and marketing tactics which have worked out well for the most part. Scheduling cabs were probably the only thing missing which has now been added. The company is mainly targeting businesses that need to regularly arrange taxis for their clients and employees. It will take some time as stated by Uber to roll out globally.

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