Turtle Beach has earned itself a name with its audio products aimed at serving the gaming fraternity. The company has recently showcased the Hypersound Glass speaker and the directional speakers are no less than wizardry. The transparent glass sheet is used to drive in the sound at that particular direction without the sound being audible outside the range. In essence the glass is generating a concentrated beam of sound which is in turn layered through the glass resulting in a highly directional beam of sound.


The ultrasonic waves are passed through the glass and will be specifically modulated to become audible when travelling in a straight line, this is how the sound won’t be audible outside the range. The transparent speakers might just be the best thing if you want a home audio setup without the visual fatigue of the speakers. Additionally, it will also help you to curb the disturbance and instead indulge in a personalised audio experience.

The true potential of the speakers lies beyond the speaker use case, the very fact that one could pack a speaker in glass can be overwhelmingly useful. The Hyper sound glasses can be used for PC’s and monitors thus saving the space for actual speakers and moreover the technology can also be used for helping people with hearing disabilities. Directional speakers aren’t something outlandish but the fact that it has been combined with glass for highly intense and directional sound is novel indeed.

That being said, the Hypersound speakers behave much like lasers and just like lasers the beam of sound is focused and unidirectional. Any obstruction for the sound wave will result in total blockage of the sound. Turtle Beach will further be showcasing this technology at the E3 event and it is most likely that we will see consumer centric directional speakers. The video below will further shed some light on how the sound from the speaker would sound.

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