As Mobile consumers grow by leaps and bounds, many depend on their phones for almost everything, skipping the PCs most of the time. It’s not just about convenience, but also about portability, and with big screen phones available, it’s much easier to get things done.

Microsoft is the first company to turn this concept into a reality with Continuum – a feature in Windows 10 which allows anybody using a Windows 10 Mobile to use it almost like a PC, with keyboard and mouse, by connecting it to any Wireless or Wired Display. All this was possible because Windows 10 is built for screen, and not devices.

That said, the MSP might not stay unique for very long, as Moto has made its first effort using Moto Mods that works with its recently announced Moto Z and Moto Z Force smartphones. This particular Moto Mod is only a concept right now, but that’s how everything begins.

OneCompute Moto Mod

There are two pieces which makes this possible. First is the case which attaches itself with the phone, and then there is a thin dock that attaches itself to the rear of the smartphone. The dock has three USB 3.0 slots, an HDMI port and a power slot. Your phone keeps charging when using it.


The whole thing works on similar lines of Microsoft’s Continuum Display Dock. There are internal hardware which makes sure the display from the phone is projected to the secondary screen, but there is one catch. Unlike Windows 10 where the you see a desktop version of the phone, here UI is implemented using a Launcher.


The launcher offers a Desktop like UI which adapts well to big screen, and offers few features which is better compared to the Continuum. The mod supports multi-tasking and multi-window apps from the phone which is restricted to only One App One Screen in Continuum. The Mod also allows one to use peripherals like Keyboard and Mouse either by using the USB ports or over bluetooth.

Few more thing we know from the video:

  • Built on Moto Mods Developer Kit
  • Wireless I/O from Kyessa technology & Qi Wireless Technology.
  • Built in Battery for Extra productivity.
  • Notice how causally the phone is placed on the dock, and it works instantly without delay.
  • No lag when using the phone camera or when playing games. Almost Zero latency.
  • Use of mouse and keyboard looks pretty neat.
  • Video streaming over HDMI is smooth.
  • Switching from OneCompute mode to Phone mode is smooth and instant.

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