This WWDC, Apple surprised us by renaming the OS X to macOS. The newest version is called macOS Sierra. Just to catch up with the Windows 10, the macOS seems to be realigning its focus on the Continuity feature which would let people leverage the Apple ecosystem for good. MacBook users now don’t need to punch in the password every time you want to unlock the machine, instead if you also own the Apple Watch the Mac would auto unlock, a nifty new feature indeed.


The Continuity feature now also comes baked in with a new universal clipboard that will let users access the clipboard across all their Apple devices. This also means that Apple is taking copy paste a notch up and making it available across devices, next time you want to open a link that you received on WhatsApp on your MacBook just copy the link to your clipboard.

macOS Sierra will automatically move your old files to the cloud and thus aims at helping you manage the space in a much more efficient way. Now yet another new addition that will make a huge impact is the Apple Pay through the Safari. Heck! This also means that one could transact on using the Apple Pay on their Mac by authenticating using the TouchID on the iPhone.

Apple seems to understand that we all love multitasking and as a result they have squeezed in the Web video in PIP feature, something they introduced on the iPad recently. This will allow users to watch a web video as they go about doing their other chores, a perfect way for folks like me to cover a live streaming event!

macOS will also herald with Differential Privacy technology that records the usage patterns of large number of users and leverage the data for various purposes, talking about which it seems pretty much similar to the Google Trust API.

After Windows bought the Cortana to Windows 10 Apple seems to be catching up by introducing the SIRI on the Mac. Clicking on the dock icon will pop open SIRI and to make use of most of the features one needs to use the other Apple applications like the Apple Mail and iCloud which translates to the fact that SIRI on Mac is yet to be integrated for third party apps. The public beta of the macOS Sierra will be available starting from July.

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