Close on the heels of Microsoft E3 event later tonight, the images of the upcoming Xbox have been leaked. The rumors have been doing rounds that Microsoft is all set to unveil a much smaller and sleeker Xbox One S and the leaked images sort of corroborate with the same. Xbox One S is mostly centred around better aesthetics with generous hardware updates. The word is that Microsoft has shrunk the Xbox One S to 40 percent of the original size of Xbox One, now this makes me think whether the “S” in Xbox One S refers to “Small”?


Moving further, Microsoft has apparently internalised the powerbrick, thus ensuring that you done have a large brick dangling around. The new Xbox is expected to support 4K video and the High Dynamic Range content. The storage option includes a magnanimous 2TB hard drive. If we infer to the leaked images, the controller is redesigned to make it look sleeker and ergonomically better (the trigger key seems to be contoured).

The questions regarding price and availability will only be answered at the E3, but we are pretty much sure that the Xbox One S will command a considerable premium over the current Xbox One 500GB. Apart from the Xbox One S, we will also be witnessing several new gaming titles including Titanfall 2, Fifa 17, Battlefield 1 and also Dishonoured 2.

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