Apple’s impending WWDC event is easily one of the most awaited yearly events and it is this congregation that attracts a mix of crowd, from Developers to Journalists. Alongside the usual invitees, Apple has also set in place a scholarship program which would give free tickets to iOS developers around the world. This is what happened this year, out of the 350 winners, 120 were from the below the age of 18 and submissions have evidently seen an increase of 120% when it comes to Science, technology, engineering and math.


Amongst the hundreds of lucky winners is Anvitha Vijay, a 9-year (Yes! N-I-N-E) year old developer who already has two apps of her own. For Anvitha, it all started two years ago when she wanted to build a mobile app and since she lacked the resources to hire someone else, she learned the programming herself. The free programming tutorials on the web came to her aid and now she not only has two apps on her name, but has also been invited for the Apple WWDC today.

Attending the WWDC event has been the dream of many older developers and it is something most of them yearn for. Anvitha, has developed an app called Smartkins Animals, which would make use of flashcards and sounds to help toddlers learn the sound and names of 100 animals. The second app was developed on the similar lines but was aimed at teaching the kids about the colors. Anvitha is based out of Melbourne, Australia and will be travelling to the Bay Area with her parents to witness the event.


It is good to see young people fiddling with the app development process and finally developing their own apps. This also speaks of how Apple might have simplified certain processes on the SDK to lower the difficulty level for novice developers. Apple WWDC is expected to usher in a new bunch of features including a redesigned Siri, stay tuned to know more about the event.

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