Apple has pulled the wraps from the iOS 10 and unlike the macOS the iOS sticks to the usual nomenclature. iOS has been one of the main selling point for the iPhone and the iPads. At this WWDC, Apple has announced the new features that would make it to the iOS 10.


The iOS 10 would now also double up as a Tv remote app foe the Apple TV and thankfully it does not sacrifice on the functionality front. The iOS remote will imbibe all the features of the actual Apple TV remote including the touch pad and it would also use the inbuilt accelerometer in order to let users play the games. Apple will also be killing yet another major pain point in the Apple TV i.e the typing. Now one can simply type in on the Apple TV using the regular keyboard on iPhone.

As we talked earlier Apple has decided to tighten their ecosystem by improvising on the Continuity feature. This also means that all the Apple devices including the iPhone will automatically download the apps and install them. So, next time you want to access your favourite streaming service on the TV it will be right there waiting for you. Universal Clipboard is yet another function which will let you copy from iOS to macOS via the shared Clipboard, something that Mac and iOS users have been doing from long but making use of a third party app for the same.

Redesigned iOS Lock screen, the new lock screen beams notification in a much more efficient way and also makes use of 3D Touch to reveal related information. This will allow one to do more without actually exiting the lock screen. Furthermore, raising the phone will automatically light up the lock screen so no fumbling around with your thumbs. The notification also fetches real time data from the app and this is something that can accessed by using the 3D Touch.

Notification menu has been revamped and now it just looks much simpler and easier to use. The Control Center and the Widgets have been overhauled too, for a better experience. The 3D Touch pane would also support video format, next time you are keen on knowing the score of the Cricket match, the notification would also complement it with a video highlight.


Apple has finally thrown open SIRI to developers and this means that one could now simply say “SIRI send a WhatsApp Message to X” and voila! It would be done. In a nutshell it seems that SIRI has now grown up to embrace a higher degree of contextual capacity and a much deeper integration.

The Photo app has also been seemingly blessed with AI capabilities that would let you group the photos based on the Scene. It would also prompt the users to create a story of particular trip, exactly how Google has been doing with its Photos app. Apple Music app has also been under the knife and the resulting new UI is clutter free but again most of the stuff are retained.

iOS 10 will now come bestowed with the facial recognition capability and the company also promises to keep the data local thus indirectly emphasising on the security aspects. Apple Maps is yet another area which has undergone some redesign and now offers more features like the slide from bottom button, which will give you suggestions on where you can go and a feature to search along the route without actually exiting the navigation. With the Maps now open to the third party developers we can expect some cool new integrated features. On a related note SIRI and Apple Maps will be making it to the CarPlay, with the new updates.


Home is a new app by the Cupertino company that would control the home automation systems and this is something you can find right on the Control Centre, similar to Savant app but with native approach. Rich linking Messages is yet another big feature that lets you open the YouTube Videos and other linked items directly from your Messaging app. Moreover, users can also scribble their responses and send it across, thus introducing hand written messages. Live Photos can be now edited and one could use the split view in Safari on iPad.



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