With just little more than 12 hours left for the official launch of the OnePlus 3 the Planet Buzz is spinning much faster. And this time around, we have something what looks like an official announcement material that has come out a little earlier than expected. It goes into specifics of the pricing, on what looks like an internal broadcast that was to go public post launch. According to the advertisement on Hindustan Times the price of the OnePlus 3 is stated to be 27,999 INR and this is for a specific variant with the following specifications:


The OnePlus 3 is expected to come powered by a Snapdragon 820 along with a 6GB RAM. On the storage front the device will offer 64GB of internal memory and we dont expect OnePlus to surprise us with an expandable memory card slot. The primary sensor is a 16-Megapixel unit while the secondary sensor takes the form of a 8-Megapixel unit. Other features of the OnePlus 3 include a fast fingerprint scanner that is expected to register the print within 0.2 seconds.

While the other specifications of the OnePlus 3 seems OK, the ad mentions 16MP for the front camera and 8MP for the rear, which in all possibility is a goof up rather than fact. We expect the rear primary camera to be 16MP and front camera to be 8MP! The announcement also points at the AMOLED screen and quick charging support via OnePlus’s proprietary DASH charging. In addition to this, there are others offers mentioned like 12 months subscription to Saavn Pro for free, 12 months 2x data from Idea and 12 months of Accidental coverage via OnePlus Care. It’s the mention of these things that lead us to lean towards the output being close to truth!

Looking at the image, it is also clear that the leaks we saw until now seem to be legit in terms of the design and metal in the build. There was a speculation on the OnePlus 3 coming with front firing stereo speakers but looks like that will not be the case.

What will be interesting to see if this will be the only variant that will be launched, especially in India or will there be more variants to it? We also do not know if the OnePlus 3 will have an option to add additional memory and there is no mention of the NFC which OnePlus 2 missed and lots of users were disappointed. We will wait for more official announcements as the air gets exciting. Stay tuned. And just before we wind up, if the OnePlus 3 is indeed priced at 27,999 INR for the specifications mentioned above, would you go for it?

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