OnePlus is primarily known for their flagship smartphones since the inception. They did extend the lineup with a new ‘X’ series last year, although, it mostly never took off mostly because customers were attracted to their top-tier handset which isn’t a costly investment itself when compared to other established brands. Now, however, the Chinese company has decided to proceed with a single “true flagship” handset ditching the OnePlus X series or any future budget offering for that matter.


Pete Lau (CEO, OnePlus), at the OnePlus 3 launch event in Shenzhen mentioned that the alteration in strategy partly comes from their recent shift to provide better customer experience and services. Additionally, this long-term plan comprises of integrating the company’s development resources for their global Oxygen OS ROM and the China exclusive Hydrogen OS which is a highly skinned version of Android, an official announcement for the same is expected to be done sometime later this year. Moreover, Lau said that they’ll keep investing in other lifestyle products like bags for promotion and accessories. More on promotion, OnePlus will continue to avoid marketing products through mainstream advertising channels and spend the revenue on improving their practices. Currently, their only source of profitable earnings is through flagship phones.

Sales figures, although, still are being kept intact raising suspicions of brand’s position. According to some latest numbers and executives, OnePlus is doing fairly well in India with a top-brand position in the $300+ category and expects to institute a strong base in the European and US market. They’re struggling on their home ground right now with the ever growing industry and some new recent entrants that offer better and cheaper handsets. OnePlus has definitely enhanced and fixed a lot of things they got wrong with previous models including a much-awaited adieu to the invite system and their OnePlus 3 has initially received positive criticism across the globe.

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