Zeiss VR One Plus, the latest VR headset from the leading optics maker has now debuted at the E3 with the official launch scheduled in August. It’s however worth noting that the VR headset which apparently is the successor of the Zeiss VR One has nothing to do with the smartphone maker OnePlus!


While retaining the ergonomics, material quality and optics of its older sibling, the VR One Plus headset brings a number of notable updates to the table. Well, the most important among them is the support for just about any smartphone. Precisely speaking, the Zeiss VR One Plus supports any iOS smartphone and the Android ones with display size ranging from 4.7 inch to 5.5 inch. This is a marked improvement over the last generation headset which came with support for just a few selected handsets.


The VR landscape has changed significantly since we launched the VR One in 2014,” said Franz Troppenhagan, Senior Product Manager at Zeiss. “The new Zeiss VR One Plus VR headset addresses feedback we received from thousands of VR One users. It also meets the demands of an evolving VR industry and new platforms for immersive and interactive VR, such as Google Daydream.

Interestingly, despite Zeiss’ claim of support for Daydream which is set to launch later this year alongside the Android N, Google has denied it. Besides the Zeiss VR One Plus comes with a removable head strap that allows users to configure the device to their viewing needs depending on the application. Along with this the front faceplate and the foam inserts are also removable so that they can be easily replace after heavy usage.

At the E3 expo in Los Angeles Zeiss also showcase a new hidden object mobile VR game based on the upcoming movie Now You See Me 2 alongside the VR One Plus. The leading optics supplies have also integrated their VR headset with DJI Inspire 1 drone, thereby allowing users to experience first-hand view from their drone in virtual reality.

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