Android N developer preview has been around for quite some time and with every update it seems to be attaining a much more stable state. Just as we inch towards the final release of the Android N, Google has released the Android N developer preview 4. The update will feature the Android N SDK alongside the final version API’s. This will allow the developers to develop and test the apps for Android N.


With this update developer will be able to test their apps for the new Android N features including direct reply notifications, split screen support and also the revamped graphics support. Developers will have the choice to publish updates for alpha, beta and also production channels. The API 24 will ensure the cross version compatibility and the fact that the app will function as expected across different Android versions including the Android N.

If you are already using the Android N Developer Preview the update will be offered via the OTA. In case you are new to Android N, you need to enrol for the program which will in turn seed the update for your device. As of now the Developers preview is available for the following devices, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9 and Pixel C.

Google has already fired up a crowd sourcing program for the name ideas of the upcoming Android and last time around they seemed flabbergasted by the rather vulgar name suggestion. Since Google thought its best to ask the internet about the name ideas, the internet went berserk with racial slurs and cuss words. The word is that Google will name the Android N “Nutella” but again it is just one of the speculation. Whatever might be the name of the next Android we just hope that it heralds with all the new features on the preview and will be stable as opposed to the wobbly previews.

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