CREO’s Mark 1 smartphone stands out in the market through the monthly updates that commit to offering a “new phone” experience. Last month’s May release added tons of features and enhancements to Fuel OS including a Data manager, Selfie Flash and more. However, today the company has rolled out the June package that is considerably small but will definitely attract audiophiles.



The June update features a new customizable “Audio Effects” tool which will natively allow users to play around with different tunings. Being a resident addition, the changes will be applied to all the applications or games, streaming services and system software. CREO aims to streamline the media experience by implementing a coherent output across all elements whether it’s listening to music from earphones or playing games. There are currently six starting presets which can further be personalized and saved as multiple ‘Custom Audio Effects’ as per preferences –

  • Balanced: A common setting that works flawlessly for any application or output device.
  • Acoustic: Warm tone and higher mids best suited for acoustic music.
  • Bass Boost: Increases the Bass levels for EDM and related genres.
  • 3D Surround Sound: Usually suitable when earphones are attached, provides an atmospheric surround sound.
  • Clear Voice: This can be utilized when listening to a speech or any spoken voices as it focuses on clarity.
  • Default: No effects.

Users can easily toggle among the settings and advanced musicians can make use of the 10 band equalizer to gain further control. Additionally, you can press one of the volume rockers to switch between presets.

Commenting more on the audio-centric update, Sai Srinivas, CEO & Co-Founder, CREO, said “Audio has become integral to the modern day smartphone user – from music and movies to sound effects in games. When the feature suggestion came from our active community in CREO Forums, we realized we must build a universal and seamless solution to tuning music in Fuel OS, applicable for all apps and customizable to your output. With this update, we believe audio will never be the same on Fuel OS, starting this June

CREO has commenced their journey with a positive start here, however, it will be interesting to see what they’ll present as months pass by.

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