Sheet music has been around from long but it has hardly evolved, except for the use of modern music notations. The Sheet music has been one of the elementary instruments for musicians, be it the ones still trying to get a hang of the piano or the professionals. I have no qualms in admitting that Music had never been my cup of tea but I used to see my cousin learn the melodies on his grand piano alongside a bunch of notes. These notes used to get messy and usually one needed to photocopy them all.


Now you no more need to scathe from a variety of sources to get your hands on the sheet music, neither do you have to beg and borrow from that friend of yours. A Japanese company has come out with a dual screened E-ink display called the Gvido. The Gvido is made up of two 13.3-inch E-Displays that can be folded. The Gvido not only displays the music sheets but also lets user notate with a pen and can be charged from the microUSB port. It also comes with a 8GB of internal storage and a microSD card translating into the possibility that one would never run out of memory.

Now the usefulness of the device just doesn’t stop here, one could also access the public domain sheet music and fire up the device. The e-ink display ensures that it squeezes every single bit of the battery available and this should ideally gift the Gvido with a good battery life.

Here comes the not so good part, the demo video shows that one needs to touch in order to turn the pages and this is something that can become annoying at times. It is also not clear on how one could navigate through the single notations. The Dent in your pocket? It’s still unclear but Liliputing says that the Gvido might cost up to $800 which is quite a price to pay, but again if this is something you have been looking out for the price tag will justify itself.

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