Facebook’s Messenger app is no longer merely a chatting platform, it can execute and accomplish a whole lot more from booking a cab to contacting customer service of any particular firm. With the onset of bots, the social network giant has managed to fabricate a powerful environment capable of achieving almost everything you would expect from a modern day messaging tool. However, today, they’ve announced something that might reinvent the ‘inbox’ for everyone – a home screen.


Yes, a home screen on their messaging application. Now, rather than being greeted by an endless list of conversations, you will be interacting with a home tab that arranges recent chats, active users, pending messages and favourites or reminders for upcoming birthdays into an intuitive interface. The list will be updated dynamically based on with whom you talk the most. Even the search has been overhauled with astonishingly improved algorithms letting the user quickly locate a text sent years ago. It still maintains the blue and white color combination and multiple tabs for calls, people so that the user won’t feel intimated.


Facebook is no longer visioning chat as an exchange of ideas between people, they’re trying to build a separate conversational ecosystem where the user can perform basic tasks without ever leaving the application. Everyone is currently pushing bots to revolutionise their services including Microsoft and Google but for an app with a user base of 900 Million and cross-platform availability, outreaching a wider audience won’t be much of a challenge. After all, they convinced them to keep two standalone apps for a single social network. Through the new concept of the home screen, bot services will be far more accessible and appropriate.

At the Wired Business Conference today, David Marcus, Facebook VP of Messaging Products, stated “The inbox has always been this chronological list of threads. That’s a lot of real estate to use on mobile when maybe only the first five threads are relevant to you at any given time. We’re launching a more modular inbox within the new home screen on Messenger.

Source: Wired

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