YouTube is one of the best online platforms for publishers or businesses to showcase their talents and products. Due to the rapidly increasing user base, advertisers have prioritized uploading content to reach audiences who’ve ditched the idiot box for the immense world of internet. However, creating an attractive video without paying a hefty amount isn’t possible, hence to resolve that, Google is today introducing a video editing mobile application, “Director” primarily focused on producing advertisements.


The process has been kept as minimal as it can get – You record a bunch of movies, stitch them together, add filters, background music, stickers and a whole lot more one expects from a general video customizing app. Unfortunately, it is only available for iOS right now but we expect an Android version soon. The severe lack of an official Google video editing platform still bugs me, though. The application and its assets are entirely free right now but there’s more to it.


Inexperienced individuals or organizations who still aren’t capable enough to produce decent content can also hire a professional filmmaker under the “YouTube Director Onsite” program. It’s not completely complimentary, businesses will have to spend at least $150 on YouTube ads to get the service for free. Additionally, you will need to travel to a supported metropolitan area, currently, the list consists of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC.

Although there’s also an automated tool if your product is an app available in the App Store. You’ll be required to provide the screenshots, application’s graphics and voila! your required ad is automatically created within the Director app with no strings attached unlike “Director Onsite”. Google will be pushing and enabling more publishers to post their content and promotional videos on YouTube through this, however, they’ll surely need an outreach campaign to aware the people who actually need a tool like Director.

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