Apple’s iOS heralded with a slew of changes spread across various features. In iOS 10 Apple has leveraged the 3D Touch to come up with a much more intuitive notification. Apart from the usual changes that we have already talked about here, Reddit users have been reporting that after updating to the iOS 10 beta the internal storage has been increased.


A Reddit user with a 128GB iPhone reported that his internal storage increased from “113GB” to “121.83GB” after updating to iOS 10. Most of the other users corroborated with the same. Mathematically speaking, the increase in the memory is just around 7-percent, but hey it’s still better than nothing. Yet another user reported that his 16GB iPhone now offers 13.12GB of user available storage as opposed to the previous 12.6GB.

It is still not clear if all the Apple iOS 10 users have seen the increase in storage space but the increase might be due to some amends in the Apple File system in the iOS 10. The other possibility that can be entertained is that Apple has ditched some features like Slide to unlock and other stock apps.

Apple has for the first time opened up SIRI and Maps for developers and it is this initiative that would bring in a whole new bunch of apps and also the older apps would be able to blend better. With most of the quarters receiving a balanced update in features the iOS 10 has been more of a thoughtful upgrade.

On a related note did you observe an increase in the memory after the upgrade to iOS 10, if yes then let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Twitter

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