At the WWDC this year iOS received an iterative upgrade and the iOS 10 is no short then a marvellous attempt at fine tuning an already good operating system. The 3D Touch improvements, stock application removal, SIRI and Maps SDK and the AI Photos app all of these features are an extrapolation of the old features. Yet another feature that will change the way iOS will look is the dark mode.


Apple developers have been fiddling around with the iOS 10 Beta 1 and they have been pretty successful when it comes to digging the hidden features which were obviously not announced at the event. Dark Mode is not something I would exactly term as innovative or mind boggling. In fact, this very feature has made it to several Samsung Java phones in the mid 2000’s. The Dark mode has been found lurking in the iOS 10 Beta and this might be one of the feature that will pop up in the future betas of the iOS 10.

Just to help us envisage the dark mode a Reddit user “simalarly44” has put up some pretty neat renders of the dark mode. The dark mode brings about a change in the way Widgets, Apple Music and the way the menu looks. In the meanwhile, Android N already comes with a night mode but this feature dims the brightness and introduces warmer colors but yes, the dark theme for Android OS which can be accessed from the System UI Tuner is somewhat similar to the Apple’s Dark Mode. The bottom line lies in the fact that dark mode will make night viewing a less torturous affair, not to mention the savings you will end up when it comes to battery backup.

Apple has not always been the first one to introduce a new feature but it seems that they are more inclined towards providing the right user experience to make the new feature fit into the scene. With features like Dark mode and reply-from notifications Apple and Android are kind of getting equalised on the features front.

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