OnePlus 3 had a rather shaky start with a VR event that needed viewers to download a 600MB file minutes before the event started, but later on the rave reviews piled up and OnePlus 3 finally started getting some love from the people. However, a review at AnandTech commented about the 5.5-inch optic AMOLED display and the way OnePlus explained it to the customers.



The review further explained how the new display in OnePlus 3 was a disappointed as opposed to the OnePlus 2 and even the OnePlus One. While OnePlus claimed that the 1080p display was something that they opted to achieve greater battery life and resolutions above 1080p would be rendered useless in VR. Brendon, reviewer at Anandtech refuted both the points saying that the unit in the OnePlus 3, a PenTile AMOLED display at a resolution of 1080p is simply not that effective and maybe a 1440p AMOLED display would have made a difference.

The review went on further and deduced how the display fitted in the OnePlus 3 is not up to the mark and in fact it is OnePlus Two that would take the lead in several tests. The peak brightness is maxed out at 413 nits which is way lesser than the 554 nits in OnePlus 2. The discussion further also explained how the device falls short of expectations in various display parameters including White point, greyscale accuracy, saturation accuracy, actual resolution and GMB accuracy. If you want to delve into the details check out the display review here.

Redditors took the cue and started exclaiming that OnePlus had cut the corners when it comes to display. The discussion took its own course until Carl Pei replied to the Reddit thread. Carl rubbished the claim that this was due to cutting corners and he also expressed his angst people who would go all the way to find faults. He also stated explicitly that the BOM (Bill of Materials) for the OnePlus 3 is nearing to the BOM of other flagships. Carl also makes it clear that the Optic AMOLED was not tuned to sRGB and this type of tuning is usually a “niche requirement.”

Carl Pei’s literal rant ended with him proclaiming that OnePlus has never cut corners on the hardware and it is the business model, organisation structure and the word of mouth marketing that has helped them cut the costs. Our own review is coming up very soon where we let you know our opinion about the OnePlus 3, Stay tuned for that.


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