Over the years, Google has gradually become probably THE most valuable resource available on the web. With more and more people searching the web regarding a wide range of issues, the Mountain View based company is fine tuning their search whilst making some essential changes keeping consumer view point in mind.


The search giant has now announced that they are in the process of pushing a Google Symptom Search update for their mobile app that will help users accurately detect their health issues, if any, depending upon the symptoms they are searching on the app. So just in case you typed down headache on the right side in the search bar, Google will now show related health conditions like headache, migraine, tension headache, cluster headache, sinusitis and common cold. This will not only help you find better results but will also save your valuable time that you would have spent otherwise in digging out health content from various portals on the web.

Google states that roughly 1% of the searches on their search engine which sums up to be a few millions are symptom related. However, the wide array of health content on the web may often confuse the average users especially because of the large number health conditions a symptom may be associated with. Take for example a case of loose motion can be associated with conditions ranging from a mild stomach upset to critical conditions like peptic ulcers. As a result, very often, users are confused and start relating a mild symptom to a critical and unlikely condition, thereby developing unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Elaborating on the process, Google’s Official Blog states, “We create the list of symptoms by looking for health conditions mentioned in web results, and then checking them against high-quality medical information we’ve collected from doctors for our Knowledge Graph. We worked with a team of medical doctors to carefully review the individual symptom information, and experts at Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic evaluated related conditions for a representative sample of searches to help improve the lists we show.

Google however doesn’t have any plans to drive the doctors towards bankruptcy and they have clearly stated on their blog that the Google Symptom Search is intended for informational purposes only, and you should always consult a doctor for medical advice.

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