Memory woes have been a perennial problem with smartphone users, more so if one is in a habit of shooting high res videos, pictures or even storing a ton of movies to watch on the go. Several devices including the OTG has come and gone but very of them could suffice as actual storage options. Apple users have been in fray for they need to shell out a considerable premium in order to buy a 128GB iPhone every time they upgrade.



Meet iDime, a dime-sized device which when snapped to the iPhone case will spike up the memory to 258GB. The form factor and design on the iDime are something that is interesting. The iDime needs to be used in conjunction with the case and the external battery. All one needs to do is snap on the iDime to the magnetic dock on the external case, somewhat similar to the wireless charging. Furthermore, this device also lets you share the stuff rather seamlessly as it can be removed and snapped to a thumb drive which can be plugged into your computer. If you are a non-iOS user, fret not as both lightning cable and micro-USB holders are available. Moreover, the Read and Write speeds hover around the 95MB/S mark, which is indeed impressive for an external storage device.

The case is made up of polycarbonate urethane and is supposed to be slip preventive. The cases are compatible with iPhone 5, SE, 6, 6+,6S, 6s+ and the manufacturer claims that it will also be compatible with the upcoming iPhone 7. The case comes in White, Stone, Lilac, Baby Blue and Coral colors.



iDime also comes with a companion app and this would backup your stuff in a jiffy and the built-in content viewer will play a majority of file formats with ease, irrespective of whether the iPhone supports it or not. The goodness doesn’t seem to just end here as the case also doubles up as a power bank rated at 4,500mAH capacity and the battery also supports 2x charging speeds, which theoretically means that the power bank would charge twice as fast as an iPhone battery.

If you are tired of being a wall hugger and transferring your data every now and then to make space the iDime makes perfect sense. The power bank counts as a powerful bonus and is something that will be useful for most of us. By the looks of it, the case doesn’t look excessively bulky but it sure does seem to meddle around with the iPhone aesthetics with its extra 10mm flab. The iDime is up on Kickstarter and it will be made available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The pledge amount starts from $99 and goes all the way up to $308.


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