Dropbox has been one of the most popular collaborative tools with nearly half a billion users on the board. The tool has found a place for itself literally everywhere, be it a small start-up or a fully grown company. Dropbox has now announced a bunch of new features aimed at making it easier for the users to project their ideas and interact with the shareholders in a more intuitive way.



The new features let Dropbox express their ideas in a better and more efficient manner. It is often that the concepts just pop out of the blue and this is when we take a pen and paper and jot it down. Now Dropbox allows you to snap the sketch through the mobile app and the best part is that it also comes with Optical Character Recognition which will let you search inside the scanned documents. Believe me, this is one of the few stuff you will instantly fall in love with.

Dropbox seems to have further deepened its integration with the Microsoft Office since it now also offers a way for users to create Office docs on the mobile device. The users can create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files without exiting the Dropbox app. Furthermore, they have also made some tweaks in the way photos on the phone can be accessed from the computer. This includes an auto upload feature which would save all your photos on the cloud thus saving on the storage space.

Dropbox has also picked up a few features that would help users create a unified workspace. Easy desktop share lets users right click on the file/folder they want to share and select the “Share to Dropbox option.”

Now you can also add comments to a specific part of the file, in case you don’t like a particular part of the design or want some changes in it just highlight the same and add your comments. With the update, one could also dig the old files which have been deleted by mistake, just like the Trash option on Google Drive.

In a nutshell, the new features will bring about change in the fashion ideas are exchanged. This is something that will go a long way when it comes to helping people put across their work to the other party.

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