The quest for a fourth alternative mobile operating system has been on from quite some time and despite the fact that Android, Apple, and Windows (to a very small extent) own a major share when it comes to the Mobile operating system companies are nevertheless trying to reduce the reliance on these operating systems.



After Jolla, Tizen, Firefox it is now Huawei’s turn to try their hands with a new operating system. It seems like the OS will be developed from the ground up and a team in Scandinavia is already in the works. As expected the team of developers constitutes some industry leading professionals like ex-Apple mobile UI design leader Abigail Brody and a bunch of other ex-Nokia employees.

It all started after Huawei bought on board Abigail last year in order to “change the look of the Huawei skin.” The Emotion UI has been taking flak from most of the tech fraternity as it borrows heavily from the iOS. Maybe one thing led to another and Huawei decided to take on Google with an alternate OS.

Furthermore, the new EUI is expected to sport fresher colors and the designers seem to be deriving inspiration from aquatic creatures like Jellyfish. At this point of time Huawei has its stronghold in China but the sales volume it achieves in the Chinese market was enough to propel Huawei to the third place amid the IDC Top Five Smartphone Vendors.

Now comes the Billion Dollar question, do we actually need a fourth Mobile Operating system? Yes, and No. While Android and iOS have been leading the race there is a distinct possibility that the monopoly they exercise over the market might snowball into a controlled market. Also, the App developers might be forced to agree to the new terms since they would no longer have alternatives. On the much brighter side Android and iOS have a closely knit ecosystem and there is no sane reason as why would one move away from the same. As we pointed out earlier Jolla, Tizen and Firefox have been struggling to emerge as an alternative operating system. That being said Huawei still says that the new OS will be based on Android thus creating a lot of room for confusion and speculation. It is most likely that the new OS in question might be an Android fork, open source you see.

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