Just as Facebook’s Live Broadcasting feature has been catching up with its users Google has announced that it will be bringing YouTube live for creators across the world. It was YouTube who had live streamed the Royal Wedding in 2011 and ever since it has been restricting the live broadcast to a select few.


The new update will integrate the YouTube mobile live streaming into the core YouTube app. All creators need to do is press the red capture button, set a thumbnail as the featured photo and they are ready to go.

Thankfully YouTube has managed to bring in all the regular videos to the Live streaming, which means that one could search for the live stream video and watch it later, just like any other regular video. YouTube also takes this opportunity to boast its peerless network which according to the company will be more reliable than the competition.

On a related note, Live-streaming competitor Periscope was recently in the news after they documented a sit-in at the US House of Representatives after there was an adjournment regarding the gun control laws. That being said, Google is yet to give an exact time frame of the Live feature launch but as of now all the company has revealed is that general users will be able to access the feature “soon.” The pilot of the feature will include broadcasting of live shows from the YouTube apps including The Young Turks, Indian show AIB and Alex Wassabi.

The live streaming scene will take a paradigm shift with the entry of YouTube. Facebook and YouTube both have their own audiences and while YouTube is more of a standalone video service platform, Facebook relies on its social network image. Coming to think about it all Journalists who need to cover a live event would be a reliable Internet connection, no more satellite vans. Furthermore, the broadcasting feature will also let commoners record/document certain events and people around the world can watch the same in real time.

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