Virtual Reality seems to be finally getting mainstream, with budget smartphones supporting VR and the VR headsets themselves selling at an affordable price point. Simultaneously, Google seems to be fuelling the Virtual Reality race further with its DayDream VR project. It is until this point that VR has been presented to the consumers as an irresistible entertainment option that is highly immersive. While HTC and Oculus Rift have been working towards developing more gaming titles and VR experiences Space Beta has a differed approach.


Space is an application that would let you experience your desktop in a VR environment. Users could just install the beta version of the Space and then work in virtual reality. The program will allow users to open six simultaneous Windows and arrange them according to their preference and you better spare a second look at the wallpaper as it would literally be your VR neighborhood. The wallpapers we are talking about can be any of the 360-Photos from the internet, even better you can capture your own 360 photos and set it up as the background.

The creators of Space promise that they have created the application to render clear video, text and images and the third party apps will be allowed to project 3D content directly into the space environment. As of now Space just supports Windows and it is most likely to extend support for Mac OS and Linux in the near future. Space would allow the users to work with their browsers, code, watch movies and read books.

It is commendable to see the approaching Space has taken, the desktop environment in a spatial order seems like a technology borrowed directly from the old sci-fi movies. The VR environment, in this case, is more about utility rather than the immersive-ness. Space Beta is currently a free download and it is likely that the application will come with a nominal licensing fee once it exits the beta. The video below will walk you through the different use cases of the desktop in VR and how one could play around with the tools in an intuitive manner. Space is compatible with Windows 7 upwards and will work with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

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