Microsoft is reportedly working on an AIO(all-in-one) PC which is expected to be launched under the Surface Umbrella. The news was confirmed by a source of Digitimes but sadly the report didn’t divulge any further. The speculations and the guesses started pouring in while some said that the AIO device might actually be a desktop by Microsoft, others guessed that it might be a commercial version of the PixelSense.


The Surface line-up was the first time Microsoft ventured into the business of actually producing a self-branded product. Unlike Apple, Microsoft has mostly focussed on getting its software products on the OEM. It is this pursuit that has branded Microsoft as a software first company while Apple has been catering to its niche with the Mac branded products.

The Surface AIO PC is expected to shape up as an alternative to the second gen Surface Book which has been postponed to the first half of 2017 owing to delays in Intel Kaby Lake shipments. It is also speculated that this offering from Microsoft might very well shape up as lifestyle offering, something that will blend into the consumer’s lifestyle without disturbing the utilitarian front of the product.

The news about the AIO burdens us with the weight of the unknowns but it still makes a lot of sense to assume that Microsoft will be readying a high-end desktop line-up which will position the company to compete with Apple in a much better way. In fact, Microsoft tried to implement the same with Windows Phone by acquiring Nokia but failed in the endeavour.

It is safe to assume that Microsoft has witnessed a relatively high degree of success in the hardware segment with its Surface lineup. It is often lauded as one of the best implementation of Microsoft’s product in any hardware. On the hardware front, the Surface has been one of the very few Microsoft products to taste success and it is with this ideology that Microsoft wants to appeal to its users.

Simultaneously, Microsoft is also expected to keep up its commitment with its manufacturing partners without whom it would have been impossible to achieve the staggering 300-Million Windows 10 installs. With the Mac rivalling lineup at place, Microsoft will be able to offer an alternative for every Apple device, something which Surface Pro is doing for iPad Pro. In a nutshell, Microsoft wants to close the gulf between its software offerings and the hardware offering from the manufacturing partners, thus eventually pursuing a strategy much similar to Apple.

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