It’s no surprise that BlackBerry is currently standing on a terminating cliff when it comes to the consumer smartphone market. Every effort or approach they’ve taken since the exponential rise of smartphones has failed in a certain way. However, today the company officially announced that they will be shutting down production lines for what is one of their most successful product lineup, the Classic model.


The Classic has consistently maintained a respectful spot in BlackBerry’s roadmap throughout the years. Unfortunately, the touch interface was complicated and other than the keyboard satisfaction, rest of the hardware felt sluggish when compared to fellow competitors. Most dedicated users had moved on to touch-only devices and as a result, the company has been experiencing a tragic sales decline ever since with a whopping loss of $670 Million.

The sudden discontinuation comes as a part of BlackBerry’s plans to advance further and innovate with new “state of the art” devices. However, the company hasn’t entirely given up their homegrown software and fortunately, the existing phones will continue receiving software updates and constant after-sales support. The release additionally stated that the company is working on providing something better to customers primarily focusing on privacy and productivity. Moreover, BlackBerry 10 will receive an update to version 10.3.3 next month along with another one followed next year. The US Senate will be also moving on to an alternative once stocks for the Classic expire.

As rumored, BlackBerry will be launching two budget smartphones in the coming quarter, both of which will be running on Android. One of them will feature a Priv-like sliding keyboard and the other offering solely a touchscreen. Challenges will be considerably more now for the company to survive as customers are getting used to cheap and powerful smartphones from new companies. In order to success, they will definitely need to get the specs and price ratio right. Although, there’s still a small percentage of the crowd (including me) who’re looking forward to their future plans and products.

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