After the alleged specs of the Nexus devices for 2016 got leaked, a report has now revealed a render of the smartphone duo from HTC’s stable. The render further tops up the first leak which has revealed both the HTC Sailfish and Marlin smartphones will adhere to a similar design language.HTC-NexusThe recent report shows off the HTC Nexus devices sporting an aluminium unibody design with a glossy black glass on the top half of the back of the two smartphones. This apparently makes the smartphone look a bit similar to the Nexus 6P but still the departure in design is very evident. In fact, the rest of the design is pretty much different from what we have seen from any Nexus devices in the past. It’s worth noting that the rear glass back also sports the 12MP rear camera along with microphone holes and a Nexus like Fingerprint Sensor. The report also reveals that the NFC chip is possibly hiding behind the glass panel too.

Incidentally the rear of both the smartphones doesn’t sport any Nexus or HTC logo and instead touts a G logo on the bottom. The front, on the other hand, is pretty much clean as it sports only the large display, 8MP front camera, microphone and a set of sensor upfront. That aside there’s no capacitive buttons up front nor are the HTC characteristic dual front firing speakers.

The renders leaked aren’t press images, however, and the report has openly revealed that this is just a recreation of the information they received from the source. So expecting a few small changes here and there in the final production unit, won’t be much of surprise. That said, the site where the report first emerged has a decent enough track of breaking news related to Nexus lineup of devices from Google.

Keeping that aside, Google is also expected to launch a white variant of the Nexus with a white top and a standard aluminum finish and a blue one with a black top with a glossy blue back. The leaked images, however, depict the smartphone duo in its gray/black avatar.

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