Google’s Assistant was one of the star attraction of this Google I/O and as expected is reported that Google is already building two Android Wear devices with Google Assistant. In line with reports from Android Police the smartwatch is likely to be branded under the Nexus umbrella and will be launched in tow with the two upcoming Nexus phones. Just like the smartphones themselves, one watch will be larger and will come with heart rate sensor, LTE, standalone GPS while the basic variant will be much smaller in size and will miss out on LTE and GPS.




The larger watch is believed to have been codenamed Angelfish while the smaller one Swordfish. Both the phones are expected to have a circular dial and resemble the Moto 360 in more than one ways. The design exposes the lugs and is sloped at the place where the watch band joins the body. The Angelfish will further have three buttons including a large circular crown button alongside two other circular buttons that are smaller in size. Angelfish is pretty thick at 14mm, courtesy the larger battery and the LTE modem. The diameter is apparently 43.5mm making it larger than the normal edition Moto 360. The picture of the watch above is a rough render and doesn’t attempt to represent the actual watch.

The Angelfish will be made available in a matte dark gray finish but again this is something that will be clear only in the later stages. For the sake of reckoning, Angelfish will be equipped with GPS, LTE and heart rate sensor.

Swordfish, the smaller of the two watches will also come with a circular dial but won’t be as massive as the Angelfish. In all likelihood, the style and the design of the watch are expected to be a miniaturised version of the Angelfish. The Swordfish has a single polished button that protrudes from the watch body. The body diameter of the watch is 42mm and is thin at just 10.6mm. Swordfish is expected to be offered in three colours, silver, titanium and rose gold and as we said earlier the Swordfish will come devoid of LTE or GPS.

The exciting part is the way these watches will be integrated with the Google Assistant. We have already witnessed the contextual finesse of the Google Assistant. As AndroidPolice rightly pointed out the features in this build of the Google Watches might not be available for the other OEM’s. It is also speculated that Google is working on a refreshed watch face, one that will display increased amount of information including the number of steps, Gmail, Hangouts and your next calendar appointment.

The Android Wear wasn’t exactly a runaway hit, the nuances of the software kind of outweighed the features the device offered. Plus, the heavy dependency on the smartphone hardware also kind of played the spoilsport. In fact, most of the second/third generation smartwatches including the Pebble 2 are aiming to become a standalone smartwatch with inbuilt GPS and LTE module. Google, on the other hand, seems to be more focussed on its hardware branding rather than just making the software for all the OEM’s to use. It seems like Google is trying to imitate Apple when it comes to Nexus devices, of course not with the looks or themes but with the software/hardware combo.

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