Microsoft Garage experiments have always managed to get our attention, the latest one is called Thinga.Me. The Garage project converts physical things into digital eventually allowing one to archive the same. As of now, the is available via an invite-only beta.



The purpose of the app is to capture the actual things and convert them into a digital form so that the user can share, archive and tag the objects. Here is what does, it captures the objects and generates a cut-out of the same, basically it just works like an auto-cropping tool without the need for any extra efforts. Microsoft just doesn’t stop here and instead also supplements the app with various environments including a bookshelf and a bulletin board. The users can also share his collections from the Thinga.Me collections page.

The machine vision technology in this app is something we will all fall in love thanks to the need it addresses. We all have some treasured physical things; it might be our precious scale model car collection or the bobble heads all of these can be converted to digital files. This means that we can finally show off our collection to friends and family without actually physically carrying them. This, of course, can also be done by taking pictures but again the efforts to crop the same is something you would love to avoid.

Thinga.Me will also help parents to document their child’s first’s, be it the drawing or the first toy all of them will be saved digitally. The saved tags mean that one could easily search for the things. Augmented Reality has been picking up quite some pace especially after Google announced their Project Tango-enabled smartphones. The Thinga.Me is available only for iOS just like many of the other Microsoft Garage apps and if you intend to try it out you can request a beta here.

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