iPhone 7 has been bouncing around the internet for quite a while now with constant leaks and renders. We have tried to keep away from these random leaks, however, today we might have our best look of Apple’s seventh generation flagship. New leaked image from a decently reliable source reveals the upcoming smartphone’s back casing out in the real world, although, the integrity of the image does raise some questions as there’s no “iPhone” branding pointing at an early prototype or a fake.


Coming to the main highlight here, the leaked image if believed to be true, provides a backbone to a couple of recent rumors. The first one being that Apple has acknowledged that customers loathe those antenna lines and as a result, the iPhone 7 as shown in the picture comes with a much subtle design language with faded grey top and bottom edges for better reception. Next big change it showcases is a beefier camera arrangement which also apparently brings a larger protruding bump. To be frank, the iPhone 7 seen here looks a lot like the latest generation iPod and in my opinion, most customers are going to find that hideous. It would be though exciting to see how Apple improves upon their camera technology with this step forward. Additionally, the “Plus” variant this year will be reportedly sporting a Dual-lens setup with most probably two 12MP shooters hinting at a considerably wider and inconvenient bump. That being said, these leaks are still extremely early and can’t be trusted at all.

Fortunately, there’s still no evidence of the headphone jack’s departure or whether the next iPhone will be waterproof. We do, however, know that there won’t be a 16GB variant. The leaked design is definitely going to disappoint potential users who were looking for a design overhaul. Furthermore, there have been rumors that the Cupertino giant will be replacing the physical home button with a capacitive one to fabricate a much coherent look. Apple will be officially unveiling the iPhone 7 series later this year in September.

Source: 9to5Mac
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