Clocks have been around for centuries and all they could pretty much do was tell us the time. Yes, some digital clocks had a weather indicator and a date feature but that’s it. At a time when we rely on our smartphone home screen for a glance at the “time”, Ingrein Smart Clock wants you to change your habits.


This is one of the most annoying things that happens with most of us, we keep on lighting up our lock screen to check the notifications and eventually end up opening other stuff on our phones. It is this distraction that the makers of Ingrein want you to avoid and their solution for this is the luxury wooden clock. Before you start bickering the wood used in the clock is reclaimed wood making it kind of a guilt free purchase.

In order to strike a chord with people looking out for classy clocks, Ingrein makes use of premium reclaimed woods including mahogany and cedar. The clock looks pretty basic except for the small window which houses a coloured display. The clock not only informs you of the impending weather conditions but it also updates one with the traffic forecast. The ambient light at the back illuminates the clock in a beautiful way and the companion app lets you choose the priority apps.

The clock aims to be an intuitive notification hub catering to all the devices in the house including the wearables, however, it begs to differ as the clock is designed in such a way that only the important notifications are displayed and the irrelevant ones are just skipped. The makers of this clock claim that one of the Ingrein clocks will let you interact with guests instead of looking at the screen all the time and in a way help you enjoy solitude from your gadgets without actually being disconnected.

The clock also has a motion detection sensor that would send an SMS every time it detects a breach at your house. Ingrein comes in Mahogany, Textured Oak, Rustic White and Ombre. The clock is up on Kickstarter and the pledges start from $269. The luxury clocks are often barebones and it is these very clocks that end up costing a fortune, Ingrein has all the right ingredients to appease a luxury clock buyer along with the modern smart clock feature. The makers of this clock promise that the product will start shipping from December 2016 making it a perfect Christmas/New year gift.

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