Solid State Disk have been around for a while and they have been popular for the high read write speed. Samsung has officially announced a 4TB variant of its 850 EVO SSD lineup. The new EVO is also the first mainstream market 4TB SSD.Samsung_Evo_850The specifics of the drive are as follows; it uses MHX S4LP052X01-8030 triple-core master controller alongside a 48-layer stack 3D V-NAND TLC flash memory particles. The specifications of the new Evo SSD is pretty much similar to its predecessor except for the fact that it offers 4TB as opposed to the lower storage variant’s that maxed out at 2TB.

The 850 EVO SSD comes in a small form factor and is sized at just 2.5-inch. On the performance front, the SSD claims to offer consistent read and write speeds of 540MB/s and 520MB/s. The SSD also comes with an option to reallocate existing data before its rewritten a process otherwise known as Garbage collection. The Samsung EVO SSD is based on TLC (Triple Level Cell) type of storage that stores three bit of data for each cell and is relatively more expensive than the single-level or the Multi-Level solid-state flash memory.

Data security options on the SSD include AES 256-bit Full Disk Encryption, TCG/Opal and Encrypted Drive (IEEE1667). The rated reliability (Mean time before failure) is 1.5-million hours and Samsung offers a warranty of 5-Years. The Samsung EVO 4TB SSD is expected to be launched globally priced at about $1499 which is nearly twice as much as the ongoing 2TB variant. That being said the SSD still commands a huge premium over the HDD and this makes it kind of a niche product.

Source: Samsung
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