DJI is a name that needs no introduction, the Phantom Drones have been a benchmark for the industry. However, this time around we are not here to talk about a DJI drone but Zenmuse Z3, the companies first camera with 7x zoom obtained by 3.5x optical zoom and 2x digital zoom.


Most of the camera features have been baked into the DJI GO app and it includes the swipe to zoom functionalities as well. The optical zoom is something that the drone cameras were deprived of till now, and taking a close up of a subject meant that one needed to maneuver the drone closer to the subject. Alternatively, one can also broadcast a live feed from the camera.

The Zenmuse camera also supports 4k at 30fps and the shots from the 12-Megapixel sensors are in Adobe DNG RAW format. Thankfully the Zenmuse camera also comes with a gimbal setup for stabilization function and users will also get a fine-tuning option to control the Yaw of the Z3 in order to balance out the effects of zooming in.

The Zenmuse camera is more of an accessory and it is expected to pair well with the other DJI drones as well. This also eliminates the need to buy a full-fledged medium-format camera rig for drone photography. A standalone camera also means that the range and flight time of your drone will be increased. The maximum aperture is an important feature used to determine the shutter speed and the Zenmuse offers a maximum aperture of F5.2 at 22mm and F2,8 at 77mm. The Zenmuse Z3 is expected to go on sale from July 28 and will cost a cool $900.

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