It looks like Facebook’s constant nagging has finally paid off as the company announced today that Messenger has crossed the 1 Billion monthly users mark after 5 years of existence. The messaging platform gained substantial momentum primarily in 2016 with the onset of bots serving 800 Million users in January and 900 Million as reported in April. Additionally, the app is now the second most popular title behind Facebook on iOS’s store. As a result, the social network giant now maintains three leading applications including WhatsApp.


Facebook has revealed a bunch of insightful statistics that showcase Messenger’s immense user base. To begin with, Messenger withholds over a Billion messages each month. The bot market also rapidly grew from 11,000 as stated on July 1st to 18,000 with 23,000 developers in merely 20 days. Furthermore, Messenger is also responsible for about 10% of global VoIP calls. Users exchange more than 17 Billion photos every month and an enormous 22 Million GIFs every single day – 254 GIFs every second. The app has been downloaded over a Billion times on Android and their sticker market now constitutes 250 packs with 380 Million being delivered every day.

Commenting on crossing a major milestone, David Marcus, VP, Messenger quoted – “As part of this journey to one billion, we focused on creating the best possible experiences in modern day communications. We remain focused on helping connect people to the people and businesses who matter most. Thank you to everyone who uses Messenger around the world, and we’re looking forward to connecting the next billion.

It is quite certain, as of now, Facebook’s Messenger is the most capable platform and will profitably push forward the bot dream everyone is trying to chase in 2016. The company recently introduced a dedicated home screen to fabricate a familiar and less weird way to interact with automated robots and friends at the same time. Moreover, they recently added incognito mode which is marginally limited right now but will eventually get better. It will be interesting to witness what they’ve planned to achieve the next Billion.

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