Getting your Twitter Profile verified was considered nothing less than a wizardry. I personally know people who have been struggling to get that blue tick next to their profiles but in vain. It is usually celebrity profiles that are rewarded with the Verified account batch and the list also includes lesser-known professionals including Journalists and YouTubers.


That being said the verification process is said to be a direct consequence of the account handler’s job title. But again apart from the speculations and the wild guesses, the verification process has been mostly elusive in nature. In a bid to simplify the process and introduce a layer of transparency, Twitter has now opened up the verification process for all the users.


So here is how you can apply to get that blue tick, fill up Twitter’s application and once the information is validated, you will be rewarded the verified badge. This is what Twitter had to say about the update, “Our goal with this update is to help more people find great, high-quality accounts to follow, and for creators and influencers-no matter where they are in the world-to easily connect with a broader audience.”

The open process might actually be a better idea since it’s the closed processes that usually end up with small sect of people abusing the process. Plus, this would help the entire humanity on whether to trust a particular Twitter handle or not. Perhaps, this is also something that would go a long way in curbing the hoax and the trolls.

If you want to get verified, head over to this link and supply all the information asked for and wait for it. The verification process is expected to be extended globally.

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